Photo by Elias Jokiranta

(Photo by: Elias Jokiranta)

Developing South Ostrobothnia as a unique and vibrant cultural region has been set as the highest operational priority of the Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia. The 2040 vision of the Regional Strategy is that ”South Ostrobothnia is a renewing and cooperative cultural region of healthy people and successful businesses.”

Set of tasks

The region’s set of cultural development tasks include promoting and supporting the region’s cultural life, arts and cultural research, and the development projects concerning these. The tasks also cover the cooperation between cultural authorities, municipalities and organizations, as well as the advancement of cultural education. In addition, at the heart of the development tasks are matters such as boosting international cultural cooperation and culture exchange, taking care of the industry’s information services, and providing information about the cultural financial systems.

The set of cultural development tasks also include active participation in the advancement of homelands and tradition policy in the region.

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