South Ostrobothnia has a diverse offering in the education of arts and culture. What the primary education of arts entails is goal-oriented teaching of different art forms that advances from level to level. These art forms include architecture, audiovisual art, visual arts, handcrafts, music, word art, circus art, dance and theatre.

The primary education of arts must follow the curriculums of each art form which are approved by the education provider. The curriculums are based on the core curriculum of each art form, which has been decided upon by the Finnish National Board of Education.

(Photo by: Johanna Hietanen)

Regional network of primary education of arts

The network of primary education of arts convenes a few times a year. The network organises a regional event package on the primary education of arts in April. Dozens of concerts, exhibitions and performances will take place together all over the region under the same. The goal of this joint event package is to raise and increase awareness of the primary education of arts and of its organiser.


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