South Ostrobothnia

South Ostrobothnia 2016 municipalities

Region of opportunities

The beautiful and unique region of South Ostrobothnia is situated in the province of Western Finland. The region is made up of 17 municipalities, of which eight are towns and the rest are municipalities. The region is well known for its entrepreneurship and the exceptionally large number of small and medium size enterprises. South Ostrobothnia is truly a region of opportunities. The regional center of South Ostrobothnia is Seinäjoki, with nearly 60 000 inhabitants.

Excellent connections

Excellent traffic connections make the region a fast-paced and dynamic place. The connections to South Ostrobothnia are good by train or car. The trip from Helsinki to Seinäjoki takes only 2 hours 40 minutes by train. South Ostrobothnia is a crossroad point for 5 railroads.

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Beautiful countryside

In South Ostrobothnia, you find yourself both surrounded by beautiful and fertile countryside and at the same time you can enjoy access to good services and a diversified cultural supply. The beautiful fields of the river valleys are typical for the region.

South Ostrobothnia

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Opportunities for free time activities

Even though the height differences of the terrain are low in the region, there are also skiing centers for downhill skiing. Skiing is not the only thing you can do; there are many other things as well. Designed by Robert Trent Jr., Ruuhikoski Golf court is the place to go for those of us who like golf. The Peugeot Golf Guide ranked this golf court as the best in Finland. How about a large amusement park for the whole family? Power Park in Alahärmä is a unique place with its huge rollercoasters and other wild rides. How about shopping? For a town of its size Seinäjoki has a surprisingly large variety of shopping centers and specialized boutiques. While the largest department store in Finland by sales is located in the heart of the country’s capital, Helsinki, the second largest is in the small village of Tuuri in the municipality of Töysä. This "Veljekset Keskinen" store is also the most popular tourist attraction in Finland. Sounds like a lot? It is! And these are just a few examples of the things you can experience in this pristine region.

Tangomarkkinat Tango Festival

Seinäjoki Tango Festival takes place in July. The yearly Tango week is filled with concerts and dancers.

Economy and sustainable development

South Ostrobothnia is known for its production of foodstuff, hi-tech, metal, and wood. The region is the national leader in the production of foodstuff. New innovations produce new products and new companies each year in this sector. Employing a large number of engineers, entrepreneurs, and experts the metal and hi-tech industry sector of the region is internationally oriented, growing, and technologically advanced. The wood sector of the region has also a lot of cooperation with foreign companies. Keeping in mind ecological factors, the efficiency of the production in this industry is maintained without damaging the natural replenishing capability of the region’s forests. This is because everybody understands that sustainable development is seen as a key to prolonged success in the region.


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